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Courtney is an aspiring high school teacher. Her teachables are History and English, but she's happy to teach anything that doesn't involve numbers or formulas. Her particular interest is in promoting gender equity and anti-oppression both in and outside the classroom. She writes a detailed To-Do list every morning, and enjoys nothing more than a good book and a plate of bacon on a rainy Saturday.

Jonathan Wong

Jonathan's primary interest is moral education. His teachable subjects are English and Music. He encourages critical thinking and hopes to teach his students to recognize, and strive for, what is truly important to them without forgetting to be compassionate, tolerant, and open-minded along the way. He likes making analogies and his favourite is one that compares life to jumping on a trampoline.

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Overheard in the Classroom
Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One of our much-lauded favourite bloggers, Duke Fandango, recently reminded me of one of the unique joys of being a teacher. Though we are authority figures, the kids we teach often tend to kind of forget we're human beings with functioning ears sometimes. They'll say anything off-the-cuff or totally out of place right in front of us because, in their amygdala-dominated brains, they sort of assume we either don't listen or don't understand them. This leads to many moments of hilarity for us.

Many of us teacher candidates will be going into the classroom in about two short weeks, so we want everyone to get in the mood for anonymous comical comment-sharing from the get-go! When you hear your students say something truly ridiculous or so clever you choke with laughter, send it to us at We'll collect them all and publish a collection as often as we can!

For now, we'll leave you with a nice big heap of comedy from Overheard Everywhere: 

History Teacher: "Ah, sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. Well, I definitely did the rock 'n' roll bit. Not the drugs, though. And uh... Hm. So did you all do the assignment?"

Student: "Is there anything I can do to make this grade better?"
Teacher: "Uh, do better work."

Teacher, incredulously: "You never read Harold and the Purple Crayon?!"
Student: "Well, sorry, I was reading Machiavelli."

History professor, lecturing on the early 1900s: "I mean, the problem of being the only person with a telephone is, well, who you gonna call?"
Class, in unison: "Ghostbusters!"
History professor: "You kids scare me."

Teacher: "Jordan! Can you tell us the answer to the problem on the board?"
Student talking in back of class: "Um... no sir."
Teacher: "You are interrupting the class! What were you talking about?"
Student: "Petroleum lightsabers."

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Courtney posted at 9:41 PM - Comments (1)


Those quotes are great! I particularly enjoyed the Ghostbusters conversation. This is something I'll definitely look forward to during practicum. Kids do say the darndest things.

By Blogger Ashley, at September 17, 2009 at 3:44 PM  

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