Courtney Langton

Courtney is an aspiring high school teacher. Her teachables are History and English, but she's happy to teach anything that doesn't involve numbers or formulas. Her particular interest is in promoting gender equity and anti-oppression both in and outside the classroom. She writes a detailed To-Do list every morning, and enjoys nothing more than a good book and a plate of bacon on a rainy Saturday.

Jonathan Wong

Jonathan's primary interest is moral education. His teachable subjects are English and Music. He encourages critical thinking and hopes to teach his students to recognize, and strive for, what is truly important to them without forgetting to be compassionate, tolerant, and open-minded along the way. He likes making analogies and his favourite is one that compares life to jumping on a trampoline.

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The Beginning of the Beginning...
Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We start our very first day of teacher's college tomorrow! Eeeep!!

As is my nature, I have been unable to sleep as yet because I'm too wired. Whether that's from nerves or excitement is anyone's guess, although I imagine it to be a bit of both. It's now very very close to 2:00am though, so I'm really not looking forward to tackling the first day on less than 5 hours of sleep. Lucky for me, it's mostly a welcome-to-Queen's, here's-your-student-card, hey-why-don't-you-check-out-a-few-workshops kinda day. Which really makes me wonder exactly what is keeping me awake right now. 

It's the symbolism though, right? It's the fact that starting tomorrow, our last 8 months of school begin; and after those 8 months comes real life, for better or worse. 

We'll check back in tomorrow night with our thoughts on how the first day went-- until then, wish us luck and think best-first-day-of-school-ever thoughts!!

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